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Jessie Lee, Gay Asian Nude Male Model, Porn Star and Male Stripper

Jessie Lee, Gay Nude Asian Male Model

Jessie Lee is one of my latest Men of Washington, D.C. nude male models, gay porn star and nude male stripper. He is very good looking, has a smooth muscular gym body. Jessie is naturally hairless in all the right places. He's got a smooth, defined chest, a small amount of armpit hair (which makes his armpits very lickable), but he posses a nice amount of dark, not overly grown pubes.

I met this handsome Asian hunk at a gay nightclub in Washington, D.C. about a year ago where he was hanging out with friends and dancing shirtless. I couldn't take my eyes off of him and his hot, sweaty muscular body. You don't find many hot Asian guys posing nude for photos and performing in gay porn videos, so I couldn't leave without stopping to talk to him. As I got closer to him I noticed his body. It was covered in a light layer of sweat and his torso was just about perfect. His tight jeans were riding low enough to expose the top of his hard, muscular bubble butt. Introduced myself and asked him if he would consider shooting gay porn, do some nude male modeling, etc.

At first he was a bit interested but turned me down. Being rejected is something I am very familiar with and almost immune to. This pint sized gorgeous Asian stud hung out until the end of the evening and I ran into him outside the club and gave him my e-mail and number. About 10 days later he sent me an e-mail and later called. I was thrilled.

Long story short we set up a time for him to come by and perform his first solo jerk off video and first set of nude photos. When he arrived, we got directly to work and his clothes started to come off. What a suprise to discover that Jessie was not only handsome, built, smooth, but he was also HUNG!!! Damn, what a nice fucking cock this guy has. A beautiful cock that just would not stay down. Many first time porn models can't get hard or stay hard once they are naked, but Jessie had no problem keeping an erection. We shot nude photos and loaded them onto the PC to review. While he was standing next to me I noticed some pre-cum oozing out of his hard cock. "Damn, we need to get you stroking that dick immediately" I said.

Jessie had been holding his load for a few days in order to give a juicy load at the end of his video and it was quite a nice cum shot.

Asian Muscle Jock Jessie Lee Hard Cock Cum Shot Jessie gave his first solo jerk off video all that he had in him that first night of shooting. As mentioned before this naked Asian jock had been holding his cum of a few days so that he could shoot all over himself and he did. With his legs spread and his feet up against the wall, Jessie shot a creamy load all over his ripped abs and as he laid there while I shot video and photos, his cum started to drip down onto the sheets. Amazing. Jessie told me he wanted to top guys in videos. I contacted a few porn agents to offer Jessie for their future porn projects and I was told it would be hard to get Jessie work because he is Asian. So I set out on my own to find a hot guy for Jessie to fuck. Draven Torres, a hot, young and huge, muscular Latino porn model had contacted me a few weeks prior and let me know he was available and only lived a few hours away. Draven, being the professional porn model that he is, didn't have a problem working with an Asian guy so the date was set. As luck would have it, Draven and Jessie were totally into each other which made for great chemistry and a great gay porn fuck scene between two hot, good looking,muscular, minority men. The video "Jessie Lee Fucks Draven Torres" came off without a hitch and Jessie became a hardcore porn star. With all the publicity from his solo, Jessie was hired by a few more studios and he's on his way to becoming one of the hottest guys in gay porn. .

Draven Torres Naked and Fucking with Jessie Lee


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